The Spacebar

August 19 2018

The The Spacebar was tightly packed and we rocked the hell out of it. WHORES gave a strong performance, and Black Tusk destroyed the whole place. It is really a privilege to tour with these folks.

Ribs & Arcade in Columbus

August 19 2018

We had a few hours to kill in the afternoon yesterday in Colombus so we went at Ray Ray's Hog Pit authentic BBQ joint. The ribs there are INSANE. We played videogames in Old North Arcade.


August 18 2018

It takes nothing more than a good crowd, a few beers and free Mexican food to fire up a party. Folks at the Buzzbin were so generous, thanks again! Guys from Rebreather did an amazing opening act, loved their sound. Since WHORES were playing last, we took the time to enjoy their full set.

Parkour (Extreme)

August 17 2018


Truck Stops

August 17 2018

We had been rolling 7 or 8 hours every day for the past week. From my perspective, the United States is a mix of corn fields, water towers, fireworks shop, truck stops and giant billboard signs.

Yesterday's show at Reggies was packed with people as we were 5 bands to play that night. Bobby made quite a success at the merch table.

Pickle Jar

August 16 2018

WHORES. joined us yesterday in Minneapolis at the Skyway Theatre. This venue is amazing, located directly in the middle of the city. A lot of people came to see the show. We drove for about an hour in the night after. While sleeping, a huge pickle jar fell off the counter directly on Maxx's face.


August 15 2018

Terrific show yesterday at the Cactus in Milwaukee. The bar was at 2 minutes from the great lakes. The stage looked like the second level of Guitar Hero. So far, the RV is doing well even in bigger cities. Can't wait to see it tomorrow in Minnesota.

Mario's Audio Clusterfuck

August 14 2018

Total panic mode today as the stereo system broke down. After dismounting half of the RV's face, we finally fixed it. Mario, the freak who sold us the RV, has done quite good damage on the electric systems. We find small fragments of his genius ideas once a while when something fails.

Des Moines

August 14 2018

Des Moines was almost as hot as Sleazy Boby yesterday with a whopping 98F outside. We rocked the Vaudeville Mews early then after Dan cooked a hearty lunch at the camping lot and slept with full A.C. in our luxury RV.


August 13 2018

Omaha is literally in the middle of the US. Since it is flat, straight and really hot outside, the 8 hour drive was hardcore. However, the Stoned Meadow Of Doom Fest at The Living Lounge was amazing. A bunch of great bands played, especially the folks from Year of The Cobra, Green Altar and Freakabout . See you soon!

Acid Leak in Saint-Louis

August 12 2018

After 10 days and 2000 miles, we encountered our first issue with the RV. The main battery was discharged, leaking acid all over the battery compartment. The sleazy RV wouldn't start anymore. Luckily, we found an auto shop near the venue and Taylor repaired it. We are now back on track, ready to hit the road again.
The FUBAR is a cool venue, especially with our VIP lounge parked straight in front of the main door. As Saint-Louis is a free-drinking city, we had a few cold ones right out there on the sidewalk.

The Green Lantern

August 11 2018

Clark, the promoter, welcomed us in Lexington like a boss. The guys from Weed Demon gave a solid performance down there. We all had pizza and beers later at the Arcadium. Terrific night, thanks Lexington.