August 24 2018

Ottawa was our 17th show so far. The staff at Mavericks helped unload all the gear. We warmed up the crowd and then Whores did their black magic sorcery stuff during their set. Black Tusk ended the night like warriors and we all got invited to The Koven, a cool metal restaurant located downtown Ottawa. Really cool night!

Prevention & Maintance

August 24 2018

The RV is keeping up with the extreme conditions. We’ve been driving for more than 8,000 km. We take good care of the beast, using products for high-mileage vehicles. A mirror almost fell off near Montebello, so Maxx decided to do a bit of hiking while we repaired our precious van.

Back On The Road

August 23 2018

Hard morning. We left our beautiful Quebec City to go to Ottawa. The day off was amazing after 12 shows in a row. It was so good to see our friends and family. We’re now ready to rock again!

Lee's Palace

August 20 2018

We had hours and hours of pleasure parking the RV in Toronto. We rocked Lee's Palace pretty hard and are now heading to Quebec City for a day off. Darcy and Taylor will be driving all night so we can get home as soon as possible.

The Spacebar

August 19 2018

The The Spacebar was tightly packed and we rocked the hell out of it. WHORES gave a strong performance, and Black Tusk destroyed the whole place. It is really a privilege to tour with these folks.

Ribs & Arcade in Columbus

August 19 2018

We had a few hours to kill in the afternoon yesterday in Colombus so we went at Ray Ray's Hog Pit authentic BBQ joint. The ribs there are INSANE. We played videogames in Old North Arcade.


August 18 2018

It takes nothing more than a good crowd, a few beers and free Mexican food to fire up a party. Folks at the Buzzbin were so generous, thanks again! Guys from Rebreather did an amazing opening act, loved their sound. Since WHORES were playing last, we took the time to enjoy their full set.

Parkour (Extreme)

August 17 2018